Our Philosophy

THK Engineering is born out of the joined belief of seasoned professionals. A belief that despite of encourageable initiatives around uniformisation of standards, SOA, Saas and the like in reality IT environments tend to be a creative mix of legacy systems, closed standard solutions, custom systems and commercial off-the-shelf products.
As IT continuously and increasingly becomes more and more complex the need for domain specific specialists has increased in a similar way. Given the vast knowledge-area ICT is these days, there is no such thing as "an IT-er": one is either a Java-developer, .Net-developer, Cisco-engineer, Checkpoint FW specialist, etc.
As important is the need for people that keep an overview; people who understand IT from network up to application and back, from process over architecture to detailed design. Call them IT Architects or System Integrators, we call them THK Engineers.

Our Goal

THK Engineering's goal is to interconnect and integrate systems over the borders of technology by designing, creating and supporting enterprise-grade solutions while delivering an excellent, flexible and goal-oriented service to our customers.

Cross technology

Our playground lies where incompatible technologies and environments meet. By creating gateway-like solutions. Our solutions add what is required to make APIís understand each other, make fileformats compatible, render networkpackets to appropriate formats, add encryption where required, etc.

Enterprise-grade Solutions

Meeting the requirements is a challenge, creating solutions that meet the requirements and are designed to run in high-availability, high-perfomance environments is something else. Our past experiences and the incentive of our unique support model make this a key element of every THK Engineering solution.


THK Engineering's commitment shows in our support model based on a joined approach to guarantee optimal operational efficiency for the systems involved. THK Engineering can add a 3rd line 24x7 on call support (for production systems only) to our customer's support organisation.